Best Cabin Crew Training Institute - Air Hostess Courses in Pune Best Cabin Crew Training Institute - Air Hostess Courses in Pune

Best Cabin Crew Training Institute - Air Hostess Courses in Pune

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Cabin Crew Course in Pune:

Fusion Technology Solutions is offering Best Cabin Crew Course in Pune. Our Cabin Crew Training program has been carefully curated to provide a holistic training to our candidates that why Fusion Technology Solutions is the Best Cabin Crew Training Institute in Pune.Becoming a cabin crew is not an easy job. But with the right training it is one of the most rewarding choices you can make in your life! And the best part, you don’t need a graduate degree to apply! Within a short period you will learn in-depth about the subject and the practical training will be covered by experts. Keep on reading to find out more about our Air Hostess course, and contact us to apply for it today!

Cabin Crew Content:

With the help of this professional trainers you will find a newly acquired skillset ranging from aviation hospitality, travel management, food and catering, air ticketing, aviation security, etc. Needless to say that the course is available for both men and women, and you will also be connected with well-placed alumni. We aim to ensure that each one of our attendees is able to secure a placement at a well-respected airline, and thus the course covers all of their needs. The practical training will be provided in a live aircraft situation, and various internships will also be available for the students to choose from. With such a rigorous schedule, our Cabin Crew Training course is able to provide quick and efficient Air Hostess training and guaranted placements. You will learn from a set of handpicked instructors, and the process will be absolutely inclusive and student-friendly.

Opportunities in Cabin Crew:

The job of an Cabin Crew is extremely well-placed and with multiple key benefits. Apart from the good salary structure, you are bound to have an experience of a lifetime. So, here are reasons to sign up for our Air Hostess Course right now! The number of people you will be working with will be quite vast, and the job will carry an essence of multiculturalism. You will learn about new cultures and find new interests. If hospitality is something you are good at, then becoming a cabin crew with a reputed airline will put on the path to success. There is a lot of free time when you become a cabin crew. You have to understand that this job does not have the traditional weekly time schedule. So, expect rigorous work but a lot of layback time as well. If you ever choose to shift your career, you will have picked up a ton of hospitality and tourism skills. This can also be life-changing for many candidates. And of course, you will be flying every day! Your office will be inside an airplane, and that’s probably one of the coolest jobs! Beyond these internal benefits, the entire aviation hospitality sector is currently facing a massive industry boom. So, now is the perfect time for young candidates to start climbing up this ladder. Join the Cabin Crew Training program today and ensure a secure future in the hospitality industry!


Aviation sector offers a lucrative set of jobs luring young enthusiastic minds looking for a promising career. The aviation sector is always in search of dynamic individuals with a pleasing personality and a skill set that can help the airline grow its business and provide hospitality to its passengers.

Educational Requirements:-

  • ◆   Age limit between 18 years and 26 years
  • ◆   10+2 in any stream
  • ◆  Minimum height of five foot and three inches

Skill sets:-

  • ◈   Command over the English language and knowledge of the local language is preferred.
  • ◈   Self motivated and enthusiastic for maintaining a friendlyn environment in the cabin.
  • ◈  Should have a pleasing personality
  • ◈  Should be a team player.

Opportunities in Cabin Crew:

There are limited Cabin Crew Training Institutes in India offering Air Hostess training with a limited intake capacity. With a high demand in this sector, it is important for an aspirant to get professionally trained as an air hostess. An aspiring individual can get trained for the aviation sector anywhere between 70k to 1.50k without quitting their current full time job.

Air Hostess/ Cabin Crew Courses Admission Process:-

  • ◆   The candidates can directly apply at the institute offering the course
  • ◆   Selection for the course will be done on the screening round which includes the parameters like communication skills and height
  • ◆  Candidates clearing the above parameters will be selected for the course.

Air Hostess/ Cabin Crew Syllabus:-

  • ◈   Aviation
  • ◈   Hospitality
  • ◈  Travel & Tourism
  • ◈  Communication Skills
  • ◈  Customer Care
  • ◈  First Aid Training

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