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The aviation sector in India is facing a massive boom, and to be a part of this industry is to take off on a career of boundless success! And with our professional training course, you too can serve as a Ground Staff for any reputed airlines. The course will provide you with key knowledge regarding cargo transportation, customer service, passenger handling, etc. and also ensure that you have enough practical knowledge by the end of the course. Our aim is to create a professional who can immediately jump into the burgeoning aviation industry as an experienced ground staff! And of course we ensure placements in top-notch airlines companies for all our candidates! Be it cargo handling or on-board passenger maintenance, our training will allow you to excel at any and all ground staff jobs. So, hurry now and join our Ground Staff Training course to solidify a future in one of the fastest growing industries!


To begin with, all you need to start your ground staff training is a higher-secondary certificate. So, practically anyone should be able to take up this job. And depending on the airport you are employed at your starting salary will be anywhere between 20 - 30k. But that’s not all! There is plenty of opportunity to climb up the ladder in this field. You can also choose to gain some experience and apply at bigger and better airports. Once you have completed your ground staff training, you can join multiple jobs within the aviation sector. Another reason why many opt for the ground staff job is because it is an easy way to gain experience in the hospitality sector. While hotels and restaurants pay peanuts to beginner level employees, the ground staff at any airport earns much higher and gains experience that counts as hospitality. So, if you wish to change your job in the future, the process will be easy and the prospects will be vast!


We have carefully created a syllabus for our Ground Staff Training course that covers all aspects of the job, and provides ample practical training as well. Our trainers are renowned in the field and will cater to the needs of each individual candidate to ensure that they are ready for the job at hand. Some of the subjects we will be covering are:

  • Communication: This is an important part of serving at any aviation facility. You should be able to clearly communicate within your team, seniors, and passengers.
  • Aviation basics: It is important for the ground staff to have the knowledge of how an aviation facility functions, and we will be covering this as well.
  • Operation management: You will be receiving a crash-course on your management skills which will surely help you climb up the ladder.
  • Customer service: Ensuring that you are knowledgeable in the aviation customer service process is something we will take care of.
  • Cargo management: Handling cargo is an important role that almost all beginner level ground staff has to serve. With our training it will be a seamless process.
  • Flight management: You will be taught to schedule flights, manage ramps, and also perform various other roles in the flight management process.
We are a premier training institute in Pune, and we can proudly say that we are one of the best Ground Staff Training institute in Pune! Our alumni currently serve at some of the biggest airports in the country, and you too can stand a chance to join this league. With our training and placement guarantee nothing will stop you from excelling the aviation sector. And the handpicked training staff we have assembled for this course will readily ensure that your service capability is absolutely professional! So, without any further delay sign up for the Ground Staff Training course and prepare for a bright future ahead! Contact us today for any queries.


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