Before discussing about procedure of cabin crew post, we must know about requirements for the post of cabin crew. These requirements are relatively same for all the airline services from Qatar airways to Emirates or we can say all around the world. Air Hostess Training can add value to your resume .

Some of the requirements are mentioned below:

  • Height: standard height for cabin crew post must be between 150-170 cm. this height is varied from airline to airline as policy for height requirements may vary from country to country. Some height criteria for different airways are given below:
  • Qatar Airways: minimum height should be 210 cm (barefoot and hands up). You can use your toes.
  • Spicejet: 175-200 cm (barefoot)
  • Emirates: 160- 212 cm. (barefoot and hands up). You can use your toes.
  • Etihad Airways: 210 cm (barefoot and hands up). Tou can use your toes.
  • British Airways: 158- 190 cm
  • Wizz Air: 165 cm for women and 180 cm for men.
  • Age: minimum age requirement for European airlines is 18 years and for Middle East airlines like Qatar airways, Emirates and Spice jet is 21 years. Minimum age and height are required to provide with the application form along with affidavit claiming that the information given is true to the best of the knowledge of candidate.
  • Graduation / Diploma: This is the mandatory document to provide at the time of interview as candidates are considered on the basis of their educational qualification. Diploma in any field or graduation in any field is considered as valid for the selection process.
  • Language skills: flight attendants should be fluent in English and it is a mandatory skill for all the airways across the globe. English is the universal language and is spoken in almost all the countries in the world. English skills are important for your training (oral and written).
  • No tattoo policy: Some airlines accept tattoos on body as long as they are not visible e.g. Spicejet, Air India, Wiz Air, etc. but airways like Qatar Airways and Emirates do not allow tattoo at all! This is due to some religious norms of the gulf countries.
  • Swimming skills: cabin crew members should be skilled in swimming and it is the most important criteria in selection process as emergency landing of airplanes are often done in water ways and cabin crew must be aware of the seriousness of the situation. Cabin Crew Course provides you with overall knowledge about aviation and train you excellently.
Cabin Crew Course - Fusion Technology Solutions

Now, coming to our main topic on what is the procedure for cabin crew post, there are courses on cabin crew/ air hostess post and those who wants to choose a career in aviation industry should aware of these courses. Several institutes and colleges offers diploma courses for cabin crew and air hostess courses. Fusion Technology Solutions is offering cabin crew courses with practical as well as classroom teaching. Classroom courses are comprised of various procedures during aviation activities and important aspects of airplane technology. The best thing about cabin crew courses is that it does not have any sexual aspect meaning not only men but also women can apply for the courses. Below are some of the important courses offered by institutes and colleges. 

Programme name Type of programme Time duration for courses
Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management Certification course 10 months
Airport Ground Management Certification Course 6 months to 1 year
Air Hostess/ flight Purser Diploma 8 months
Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training Diploma 6 months to 1 year
Air Hostess Diploma Diploma 1 year
Professional Ground Staff Services Diploma 1 year
BBA and MBA in Aviation Undergraduate and PG Programme 2 years

For these courses, eligibility criteria is as follows:

  1. Minimum educational qualification: 10+2
  2. Age: 17 to 27
  3. Minimum marks requirement in respective field: 45 to 55% (this criteria may change as per institute accommodation).

Cabin crew/ Air Hostess syllabus:

Food and Catering Services Passenger Psychology First Aid
Communication Skills Emergency Situation Handling In- Flight Procedures
Passenger Handling Grooming and Presentation Technical Training (Basic functions of aircraft, safety procedures)

Fusion Technology Solutions is providing interview skills and soft skills training courses for basic knowledge of cabin crew procedures and etiquettes. Following are some of the work procedures that should be done by cabin crew/ air hostesses.

Work of cabin crew:

  • Checking condition of fire safety equipment and emergency provisions. Also, giving safety information to passengers for emergency cases.
  • Supplying passengers with magazines, beverages, newspapers and other needful errands. Cabin Crew Jobs  require quality students in aviation field.
  • Serving refreshments to passengers whenever needed.
  • Demonstrating safety procedures.
  • Ensuring that passengers follow safety rules and regulations mapped by the airlines and also be punctual and courteous at all the times. 
  • Cabin crew makes announcements on behalf of the pilot and answers for all the queries by the passengers.
  • The main task of the cabin crew is to welcome the passengers on behalf of airlines when boarding on the plane and greet passengers at the time of arrival of airplane on the airport.
  • Checking all the security measures and also checking seat belts and emergency oxygen systems prior take off of airplane to ensure safe and secure travel of passengers.
  • Dealing with anti-social passengers in the flight in very polite but firm manner as cabin crew has to deal with everyone’s safe and sound journey.
  • Checking the hand luggage of all the passengers and ensure that it is placed in a perfect way.
  • Carry out pre- flight duties such as security checks prior flight time and ensuring all the meal and beverages are on board.