What are the major software development trends in 2019?

The growing enhancements in software development system have resulted in the proliferation of software development trends. The software development trends ruling in 2019 are: 

Artificial Intelligence
Applications like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google voice assistant make our life much easier by taking over each day tasks like reading, writing and sending messages, switching camera and microphone on and off, searching the internet for information, setting reminders, etc. via their artificial intelligence capability. AI is proliferating across different segments of business like healthcare, hospitality, e-commerce etc. The rise of AI-enabled chips speed up tasks such as object detection and facial recognition. AI is trending and continues doing so until the technology becomes mainstream. 

Cloud Computing
Enterprises embrace the hybrid and server less cloud architectures to support different applications and to lower operational costs. Cloud service providers such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are promoting server less paradigm for computing. 

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Blockchain has become popular over the years for its security. In a Blockchain, nobody has complete control. This makes it difficult for a data breach compared to other systems. Blockchain can be used as a ledger system if you run a business on your app involving sales. The technology could be involved in more apps as large industries like banking are developing it for transactions. Blockchain has become a hot technology trend because of Bitcoin.

Progressive Web Apps
These modern web applications load like regular web pages or websites but have a high level of functionality. They can load instantly, regardless of the network state and browser choice because they’re built with progressive enhancement, a strategy for web design that emphasizes core web page content first. PWA is user-friendly, installable and hassle-free which enhances the existing web technologies. It can be shared via a URL and can re-engage users with web push notifications. 

Cyber security
Hacking is the most common cyber threat throughout the world. The evil hackers will never give up on hacking the data and get access illegally. Cyber security authenticates its existence through hackers thriving in society. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
The Virtual and Augmented Realities have tremendous potential in education, marketing, training, entertainment, and for injuries in the rehabilitation center. Developing a virtual reality implies creating a whole new world from scratch – a simulation of the real and the imagined world. They are computer-generated augmentations in order to enhance our experiences.  

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