Data science and Different Types of job profile in it.

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What exactly is Data Science?

Data science include various subjects like machine learning, statistics, data analysis, and computer science. It’s quite normal that people usually wonder what exactly data science field is all about. There are n number of companies that hire for data science jobs but they emphasize on some specific expertise, so you don’t have to learn everything. To get a Data science job you need to be expert at least in one field it could be Machine learning or statistics whatsoever field you want to get mastered at. Here if you have done a Data Science Course  it’d be very beneficial for your future job interview and highlight your expertise.

The first thing is  to read a Data Science Job Description properly. First and foremost thing before looking for a job read the job description properly and understand what are their requirements. It enables you to apply for only those jobs which are well suited for your expertise. There are a many Online Data Science Course  that you’d not  want to miss. They give you overall understanding and train you in best way possible.

The main 4 types of Data Scientist’s jobs are:

1. Data Analyst

This is similar to data scientist. The job might have tasks getting data from SQL database, tableau or Excel master, out letting data visualization, dashboard reports, understanding business and getting leads on company’s Analytics account.

If you are good at all these and can handle your responsibility rationally go for this one.

2. Data engineer

There are times when a company faces large amount of Data trash and starts looking for someone to manage  their data. They hire someone who could help them analyse data. There are job posting in both data Engineer and Data scientist for the above  mentioned role. If you are the first hire from their side you’d be focusing more on software engineering skills than on machine learning and statistics.

 In all you will have great opportunity to shine here if you think this is your cup of tea.

3. Machine learning Engineer

If you know how a company works you’d know that for some companies their data is their product. For these companies machine learning and data analysis plays the most important part. You should be a well learned with a background of physics, mathematics and statistics.

If this is  what you want to work for, bloom yourself in it. Data Science Training is usually required at these types of jobs.

4. Data science generalist

A generalist is required for an established team of data scientist’s. These companies mainly care for data but aren’t a proper data company. Here you should be well aware of visual data, touch product codes and analysis.

Usually these companies are searching for generalist to fill the lacking space and enhance their work culture through this data visualization or machine learning.

There’s a possibility you might even be more qualified than you think.

Hopefully this gave you all a broader way to think about what is data science all about.

Companies all over the world hire for different skillsets, education and experience, expertise.  When you search for a data science job make it a point to go through the job description thoroughly. Find a role that best match your skills. Data Science Institutes have tie ups with Data Science companies so they get directly placement at MNC companies and in all possible big brand Data Science jobs.

What is next thing to focus on?

The above mentioned job profiles have different skills with their own unique roles.

So first get to know what are you interested in and then go for the role.

Whatever skills you have or whatever experience you have Fusion Technology Solutions has the perfect program for you to ensure that you learn skills you will need the most, in demand skills and to build a career you will love.